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About Me


I was the kind of kid that had more fun taking apart My toys than playing with them; I always enjoyed learning how things were put together and what made them work. I would spend hours scratching around in a bin full of Lego's or drawing trucks and trains. These were the excercises that set the path for what I do now. Professionally I work in industrial Maintenance at a local factory the job provides a variety of chalanges so having a variety of skills is convenient. More important though, is the greatest job of all, being a Dad and a Husband to the two sweetest girls I know.

PHOTO: Fathers Day 2011 at Finger Lakes Live Steamers June Open House. Myself, My Honey, and Lil' Squirt, and a few random folks.

(Appearances have been altered to protect the innocent)






Left-My Partner in crime for all devious shop doings...and in hand "Daddy's Little Helper"

PHOTO: My Father, Myself, and Lil'Squirt



Bri on train cropped.JPG

Me in my element



   In 2008 I took a trip to the Finger lakes Live Steamers Club in Lyons NY. I have always been a train buff, but at the time, I really had no means to persue anything further with it. In  2009 things changed and I really got motivated to build a 1/8 scale locomotive. Thats where alot of this wild stuff I do originated. The locomotive buid created a need for the foundry, and the nice parts that resulted have generated sales interest that drove the need for CNC equipment. This whole thing is really just a hobby but has really added to my marketable skills, not that it is useful since demonstrated skills, knowledge, and motivation are not as desireable as a piece of paper titling one as an "Engineer"......





Wall of fame


   The photos hanging in my shop belonged to my great grandfather Sydney Tilden (founder of the Permafuse Corp). I am told He was was a train buff to as well as an inventor and builder too. He had those photos hanging in his office as well as a sign reading "illegitmi non carborundum" which loosely translates from latin to "Don't let the Bastards grind you down". I now have that in my shop on an ajacent wall,  it keeps me going sometimes...

   The display case shown is one that I built over a decade ago now and finally have a place to display it. I have had it standing in the corner of my shop for 6 months now waiting for the cover glass and frame. I wanted to paint it but since the garage is now a machine shop I loose my "spray booth" and the weather has not been suitable to paint outside. "I'll do it later" that means the next time I move it... anyway, if you'll notice those are Lego trains, a combination of two of my favorite things. :) I have had those trains stashed away for an eternity and now I have a proper place for them. I also have a smaller display case for some of my HO trains.

                                        The decor of my shop really makes me smile every time I go out there.