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Motor in!!!


Great Weekend, I picked up the steel Friday after work, Didn't get much done that night because... well there's a beer fridge in the shop.... Saturday I cut the blanks, and laid out the holes. then proceeded to make a few miscellaneous parts to round out the day. Sunday I got to work before the rooster crowed and got all the holes drilled and bored. I even had time to come home and mount the parts. The Motor will drive a Jack shaft mounted in the holes above it and the jack shaft will in turn power the drive shaft mounted below the frame rails. this allows me the double reduction I figure I need.

Taking shape


The front end is really taking shape with the steps now done and side rails going on the pilot area is done and I have started the rear pilot. After I finish the steps and rear pilot. I will build the fuel tank and complete drive train. After that it is time to make it move. The control system has been on my mind for over a year now, and I look forward to building that.



A view up the center nothing special, I will have a short drive-shaft with universals from each truck to the main shaft; about a foot long.

Red E 2 Go

Red  E.JPG

Believe it or not... it is ready to go for its maiden voyage. Although it may not look like much at this point, I officially have a locomotive.

OMG! I'm so excited!

maiden voyage.JPG


   Here I am preparing the locomotive for its first run. I have a short-bed truck so it was hauled in pieces and assembled on site.

Ready to roll

Maiden voyage1.jpg


There it is, the first time on real track. THe maiden voyage was a rocking success, even though I did have a few derailments. This was only because I forgot to bring the axle springs. I had dowel pins in place to set the ride height during the build. any time the rails dipped the wheels had the chance to ride up. next time I will have the springs in. otherwise everything was perfect. speed power turning radius drivetrain.... Great day! With this step done I am going to shelf this project for a while to get back to casting.

Video Link-> http://youtu.be/37mCm6ZExeU 



Update 9-4-13


  The locomotive has taken a back seat for quite some time now. I sold the trucks out from under it to pay the way for my CNC machine shop. I also did some re design on the patterns making them better. alot of stuff then changed with the brake systema and alot of other redesign work followed. I am nearly caught up now and I have almost all of the parts programmed on the CNC machines, (still waiting for the Mill for some). I have also been doing alot of casting to have parts ready for a production run in which I plan to make 3 sets, hopefully selling two of them.



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