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Love at first sight

DD-40 Truck.JPG

I visited a 1-1/2" rail club back in 2008 and  took a ride on one of the clubs trains. This rekindled my long time love of trains and inspired me to build my own locomotive; and I knew just what to build. I remember seeing a model of a DD-40 at some train show when I was younger, I loved it because its the biggest and most powerful diesel locomotive ever built. I always liked Union Pacific because of there large and unique locomotives. 

PHOTO: UP's 6936, the only DD still in operation showing of the 4-axle Flexi-Coil Truck





My version at 1/8 Scale


Being that there is not any one producing parts to make 1/8" scale DD-40's I would have to make everything myself. The most difficult part being the trucks seemed the most logical part to start with. I started this project April 2009, The prototype truck was completed February 12 2011.

PHOTO: First assembly of my prototype truck.



Work in progress


PHOTO: Two side frames fixtured to the mill for matched machining. These get fixtured for different machining operations on the front, back, top and bottom.





Check and recheck


This shot shows the side frames clamped together to match drill the the crossmembers. They must be square and alligned front to back.



Finished trucks


I spent a long time developing these trucks, I am a true perfectionist and several times wiped the slate and started from scratch. The brake cylinders are curently version 3 and are quite a respectable project themselves. The aluminum casting is bored to a precise .500" and a SS piston is machined to fit with an o-ring seal. The push rod is a bronze casting by PSC and allows the brake lever freedom to move in an arc as it extends. They work perfect! I did all this with the idea that someday I would sell the castings and parts. currently I have sold several brake cylinders and had great feedback on them. You can also see the detailed brass brake shoes which are also one of my castings.

Pipe Work


This Photo shows the plumbing for the brake cylinders. it is 3/16" copper tubing bent and threaded to fit. The fittings are from PM Research. (a great source for model steam engines and parts)You can also see the brake lever and shackles on the back side.

Real Progress


Its begining to take shape, the two finished trucks now connected by the start of the chassis.

Really coming together

really lookin good.JPG

The weight of the chassis has begun to grow exponentially; at first I could lift it on and off with ease, but now it is a 2 person affair and in not too long it will stay put.

Alot of steel,  Alot of cutting,  Alot of welding,....Alot of progress, WOW.

And just incase the photos are deceptive this locomotive is over 12 feet long!

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