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   Professionally, I am an Automation Engineer, of coarse my job title does not say that but thats what I do.  I spend the majority of my time building panels for machine upgrades and new installations. As part of this I have had some incredible training opportunities focussed on automation. I completed the "programmer certificate" curriculum offered through Rockwell Automation, It was very good training that has allowed me to grow exponentially in my abilities. My latest project is quite extensive, (I wish I could share photos), I have created a new control panel for an upgrade on half of a production line. With this project nearly complete I am anxious to see what the next challenge brings.



Training material



 I was able to build this automation test cabinet as part of my "training", I take pride in a well planned and neat installation. In the process of a control system build I first create a list of hardware items that will form the I/O. The schematics are next showing the connections and power distribution.; once I can clearly see the items that need to be controlled it is then possible to create a program to execute the funtions. Once a plan is nailed down the hardware list turns into a bill of materials and before I know it I have a pallet or two of components to assemble in an enclosure. This panel, while small, is comprised of the core necessities of any system; PLC, HMI, Power Distribution, Drives, and I/O. This has been a proving ground for snippets of code, as well as integrations like adding ethernet I/O to an existing system. During the extensive improvements that are continually taking place in the Facility I get tasked with creating control panels large and small as well as coordinating the interactions between new machinery and existing equipment.