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The Consist


This is the full consist, with my GE Switcher, My Engineers car and a special car just for the Princess.



The Switch



I found a fiberglass body shell at a show and couldnt resist, it looked like an easy build to get me on the rails. I built the Chassis out of veneer plywood with the frame and running gear from my blomberg trucks. details addded from scrap wood and miniature hardware.



The Basics



You should notice some similarities here, the subframe is the same as what I use on the blomberg trucks. this has been a testimate to their performance as I can pull a respectable train with what ammounts to half a locomotive.



Heavy Metal



The mass of the machine is made up of the 2 large batteries that are hidden in the shell. they nest so nicely that its hard to imagine that this little switcher weighs in at 270Lbs.



Frame Job



 My engineers car sports a welded steel frame with a plywood subfloor.



Totally Screwed



 Almost 400 Screws...WTF! That got old in a hurry. But, it was worth it!






With my needs taken care of, I had to satisfy the Boss(es) so there was a need for a comfy riding car that suited the taste of a Princess. This is the frame for the bench car.



Pink Trains



 Pretty in pink I think, This was the highlight of Christmas 2014. The princess (and the Queen) have enjoyed the ride of the padded bench.