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Blomberg B-Trucks



 Blomberg B-Trucks

Note: I am not actively marketing any products at this time due to a prohibitive work schedule. I will continue to take orders when requested but please expect extended production times.

My design incorporates a pivot equalized, steel support frame with urethane side frames. The axles are supported by flanged, sealed ball bearings. Power is transferred from the high torque traction motor through a 4:1 reduction to the axles via chain and sprockets.

A steel frame offers an indestructable structure to support the locomotive, while the urethane side frames provide a high level of detail.






Early Style


This photo shows a painted example of the early style trucks with a brake cylnder on both ends.

Dash 2



   These are  the later Dash 2 style, with one brake cylinder and one damper.




Rough track?



    The flexibility that these trucks offer is astounding, they can accomodate very poor track conditions.

( This photo was taken without the drivetrain for clarity. )





Stop & Go



My Blomberg Trucks use a powerful 900W DC Traction Motor with a 4:1 reduction providing surprising power, The pneumatic disc brake gives you all the braking power you could want.