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Armed and Dangerous

Lathe Screen arm.jpg



  I wanted to mount the screen and keyboard on the Lathe, I don't want to turn around to look at one or the other, I think it will help prevent crashes among other things. I got this arm From Ebay, pretty nice, I made a coulpe changes to it but overall its a great fit. It swings around all the way over the chuck, and extends out infront of the lathe, or stores back tight over the headstock. Really nice.




Proxy Loxy

Lathe Prox.jpg



 Limit switches are necessary to keep the axis' from self destruction in case of a programming or electrical OOPS. I cleverly hid all four of them into the carriage out of sight. the Prox switch pictured is the X axis ++ limit, this will read the ball nut when it traverses over to the end. there is a similarly mounted switch on the otherend, and the 2 for the z axis protrude through the carriage body and will detect movable "flags" on the V-way, that will allow me to set the limits depending on what chuck I have mounted and if I am using the tailstock.  




Lathe panel.jpg



  The panel is nearly completed, in it you see the power supply I built 72V 20A, the drives, etc.,  and the motion controller.  I used the Ethernet Smoothstepper, it is really nice and the cherry on top is the breakout board from JI Robotics is a perfect mount and interface to the ESS. I tested it it as soon as I got it in the mail, speed was instantly fixed. I was limited to 175 ipm and 5000 steps per inch with the parallel port and now can do around 600 ipm with the 10,000 steps per inch resolution. thats way too fast! I'll run the rapid at about 300ipm.




Lathe X axis chipgaurd.jpg



   Pictured is the X axis and what can be seen of the chip gaurd for the x axis ballscrew, it is a thin panel the resides between the carriage and the toolpost x axis slide. It was suprisingly difficult to engineer this piece.




Lathe wo gaurds 2.jpg



   For the most part, it is done, Today I could make chips, if I had any carbide inserts.... It is done enough to start making programs. I have a few gaurds to make and its go time. I will probably not add anymore to this thread with the exception of the first part being made. Thanks for checking it out.

              Video Link:    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9OWr-kVe-W0


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